Mulberry Street Baptisms 1847-1904


The databases presented here represent the efforts of genealogists, Tom & Kathryn Peters. Having used these records for many years and recognizing their value in providing the birthplaces in Germany and Europe in many of the entries, it was deemed an extremely worthy project to index them. The time period covered by the indexes is 1847-1904. There are 24,000 entries with approximately 52,000 names. The databases have been sorted by various fields in order to make searching them easier. In order to insure your success in locating your entries, you might have to keep certain things in mind:

1. Substitute various vowels at the beginning of a surname: Appel/Oppel.

2. Since umlauted vowels are used if given in the original entries, you should keep in mind it may be: Grasser / Grässer or Graesser and Loeffler /Löffler or Loffler.

3. Remember that G & K are equivalents: Gunkel or Kunkel.
B & P are equivalent: Bopp or Popp; D & T are equivalent: Dietz or Tietz.

4. Surnames may be translated: Jung or Young; Müller or Miller.

5. Double letters may be rendered as single letters: for example: Herman or Hermann and Kraus or Krauss.

6. Surnames ending in tz may end as a z: Lorentz or Lorenz.

7. The German letter ß is always rendered (by us) as “ss.”

If you locate an entry of interest and would like to obtain a copy, there are 3 ways to go about it:

1. Contact The Lutheran Archives Center at Philadelphia:



John E. Petersen, Curator (215)248-6327.

The cost per entry is $35. Please provide the entire entry as given in the database. The image will be emailed to you upon receipt of the fee.

2. You can contact John Petersen and arrange to make a personal visit. Bear in mind that the Archive is only open 2 days a week or by appointment at a mutually agreeable time.

3. You can have a researcher make arrangements to do the research for you.

All of the marriage entries usually provide the exact birthplace. There are occasional exceptions to this for ethnic Hungarian, Slovak and other non-Germanic peoples. There are also a few entries that might list a region in Germany or might just say Germany. These are not frequent. Baptismal entries provide the birthplace of the parents for the years 1876-1904. Bear in mind that with a church going back to 1847, you may be dealing with people born in Newark. Death records will usually state the exact birthplace (if provided to the minister). These records are among the very best that we have seen for German-American church records. You are truly blessed if your ancestors attended this church.

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