Mulberry Street Burial Index Part 2


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18932-265, 2-266103IDA, MARIE1 JAN 1820F
18972-325, 2-32698IDE, JOHANN24 AUG 1838W
19042-392, 2-39310IFFLAND, CARL18 FEB 1876F
18862-118, 2-11931IHM, DANIEL18 JUN 1836W
18952-287, 2-28822ILL, ANGELINA2 FEB 1831W
18822-58, 2-5962ILL, EDWIN26 AUG 1880W
18812-50, 2-51117ILL, JULIE23 JUL 1880W
18992-349, 2-35096ILL, RUPERT31 MAR 1836FRANKLIN, N.J.
18852-106, 2-10766ILLIG, EMILIE1 FEB 1882F
18862-126, 2-12797IMHOF, FRIEDRICH30 JUL 1856W
18882-170, 2-171153IMHOF, MARIE NEE KLEIN23 JAN 1825W
18902-202, 2-20377IMHOF, PHILIPP21 DEC 1812W
18942-271, 2-2725ISSLER, EMILIE M.6 DEC 1891F
18932-269, 2-270130ISSLER, WILHELM16 FEB 1889F
18902-204, 2-20595ITTE, FRIEDERIKE NEE GEBSER11 MAR 1811W