St. Paul's German Evangelical Lutheran Church

1867 -



St. Paul's German Evangelical Lutheran Church was founded in 1867 by Pastor Stuecklin of the Lutheran Synod of Pennsylvania. The church declined during its early years and was transferred to the care of the Evangelical Synod of North America and the New York Ministerium. In 1899 it became an independent church. It is believed that this church merged with the Redeemer Lutheran Church of Irvington.

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Reverend From To
Stuecklin 1867  
C. T. Maas 1876 1876
F. Kern ~1879 ~1886
D. Behrens    
Richard Katerndahl 1892 1892
Ed. J. Schmidt 1893 1894
John Staehli 1895 1897
P. Leonhardt    
Max A. L. Hirsch 1897 <1920>

Address From To
S. Tenth near S. Orange Avenue <1875> <1885>
398 Bergen Street <1890> <1920>

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Archive Information (Last Known location)

Redeemer Lutheran Church of Irvington
134 Prospect Ave.
Irvington, NJ 07111