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Map of Roman Catholic Churches in Newark

The first Roman Catholic Church was organized in 1824.

Archive information is located at Seton Hall University

Newark Abbey

Additions to New Jersey Catholicism: An Annotated Bibliography by Augustine J. Curley [New Jersey Catholic Historical Records Commission, 1999].

The early history of the Catholic Church in Newark is found in the history of St. John's Church written by Paul V. Flynn, published in 1908, printed by the New Jersey Trade Review. There is additional information is the book "The Catholic Church in New Jersey" written by Rev. Mgr. Joseph M. Flynn, published at Morristown in 1904. The Reverend listings on each individual church page also includes Assistant Reverends, some of whom went on to become Reverends of other churches.

Name Organized Closed/Existed After
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary R. C. Church 1911 <1940>
The Blessed Sacrament R. C. Church 1902 Present 
First German R. C. Church 1853 1858
Holy Trinity R. C. Church (Lithuanian) 1902 Present
Immaculate Heart of Mary Church ? Present
Monastery of St. Dominic 1880 ?
Our Lady of Fatima <1958> Present
Our Lady of Good Counsel R. C. Church December 25, 1901 Present
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel R. C. Church (Italian) 1890 Present
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Unknown Present
Sacred Heart R. C. Cathedral/Church 1890 Present
Sacred Heart of Vailsburg R. C. Church October 11, 1892 Present
St. Aloysius R. C. Church 1879 Present
St. Anne's R. C. Church (German) 1888 Present
St. Antoninus' R. C. Church 1875 Present
St. Augustine's R. C. Church (German) October 21, 1874 Present
St. Benedict's R. C. Church (German) June 28, 1857 Present
St. Bridget's R. C. Church January 5, 1887 <1940>
St. Casimir's R. C. Church (Polish) September, 1908 Present
St. Charles Borromeo <1910> Present
St. Columba's R. C. Church September 8, 1871 Present
St. Francis Xavier March 18, 1906 Present
St. James R. C. Church 1853 September 30, 1979
St. John's R. C. Church November 13, 1826 Present
St. Joseph's R. C. Church 1859 <1940>
St. Lucy's R. C. Church (Italian) September 30, 1891 Present
St. Mary Magdalen's R. C. Church July 22, 1893 before 1929
St. Mary's R. C. Church (German) 1841 Present
St. Michael's R. C. Church 1878 Present
St. Patrick's R. C. Cathedral 1846 Present
St. Peter's R. C. Church (German) 1854 <1940>
St. Philip Neri R. C. Church (Italian) August, 1888 <1940>
St. Rocco's R. C. Church (Italian) August 5, 1899 Present
St. Rose of Lima's R. C. Church 1888 Present
St. Stanislaus' R. C. Church (Polish) 1888 Present
St. Stephen's R. C. Church 1900 <1940>
St. Thomas Aquinas R. C. Church Unknown Present