Centenary Methodist Church

1866 - after 1940



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October 7, 1906 - The Centenary Church's Anniversary

The church was named Centenary because it was started in the Centennial year of Methodism in the United States. The Rev. A. M. Palmer noted the steady growth of population northward and early in the summer on 1866 invited the families living near the junction of Belleville and Bloomfield Avenues to join him in the shade of an elm tree in a vacant lot.

The first meeting was so successful that each Sunday morning the gathering grew in numbers and interest. Before long it was agreed that this lot should be purchased and a chapel built. The cornerstone was laid in November, 1866 and in July 1867 the completed building was dedicated. The cornerstone of the second church was laid on Thanksgiving Day, 1886 with dedication on February 26, 1888.

From: Social Services Directory of Newark 1912

Gives relief to its own poor who are members; also to nonmembers with whom it is brought in contact. Conducts a mission in the Silver Lake section among the Italians, a Men's Club, King's Daughters' Society, and various societies among the young people. Church is open nearly every evening.

Reverends Addresses Archive


Reverend From To
John Brien 1868 1868
H. C. McBride 1869 1869
R. B. Collins 1870 1872
E. E. Chambers 1873 1874
Charles R. Barne 1875 1877
Charles S. Colt 1878 1879
J. H. Knowles April, 1880 August, 1880
Stephen L. Baldwin August, 1880 April, 1881
Charles E. Little 1881 1883
David B. F. Randolph 1884 1886
Warren L. Hoagland 1887 1891
William Snodgrass 1892 1896
Fred Clare Baldwin 1897 1900
Henry Spellmeyer 1901 1904
Charles H. Buck October, 1904 April, 1905
Charles L. Mead 1905 1908
A. C. McCrea 1909 1909
George G. Vogel 1910 1914
Henry L. Lambdin 1914 1915
Ralph B. Urmy 1915 1920/21
George W. Smith 1921/22 1922
James B. Kenna 1923 1926
Donald H. Gerrish 1927 1930/31
Charles C. Woodruff 1931/32 after 1943

Address From To
100 Belleville Ave. c. Bloomfield Ave. 1867 1892
194 - 198 Summer Avenue c. Kearny Avenue 1893 after 1943

Archive Information (Last Known location)

Records are located at Drew University.
Treasurer's Book, 1929 - 1933
75th Anniversary, 1941
Church Bulletins, 1926
Queen Esther Circle Minutes, 1911- 1919
History, 1891