First Methodist/Clinton Hill/Trinity/Trinity Union Methodist Church

June 20, 1859



The First Methodist Protestant Church was organized on June 20, 1859 when "One of the prominent Methodist Episcopal Churches (St. Luke's) of the city was subjected to the change of a popular pastor against the wishes of the members by what seemed to be a particularly arbitrary act on the part of the authorities." The first services were held in Library Hall on Market Street.

In 1859 the church moved to Hill Street. This church building was destroyed by fire in 1870. The church was rebuilt with a seating capacity of one thousand. In 1899 a mission was started on Clinton Hill. The services were held in a real estate office at Clinton Avenue and Hedden Terrace. In 1904 a church was built and was known as the Clinton Hill Methodist Protestant Church.

In 1907 the First Methodist Protestant Church merged with the Clinton Hill Church and moved into the building at 230 Warren Street. In 1939 the merged churches were known as Trinity Methodist Church. 1950 brought the closing of St. Luke's Church and those members were transferred to the Trinity Methodist Church.

Reverends Addresses LDS FHC
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Reverend From To
J. J. Murray 1860 1863
Frederick Swantzel 1863 1868
W. S. Hammond 1869 1870
David Wilson 1871 1874
J. T. Murray 1874 1876
Theodore D. Valiant 1876 1878
S. T. Graham 1878 1882
John. M. Holmes 1883 1886
J. L. Mills 1887 1888
W. S. Hammond 1889 1890
Luther R. Dyott 1890 1900
William N. Sherwood (Clinton Hill Church) 1900 1901
F. C. Klein 1901 1904
C. M. Compher (Clinton Hill Church) 1901 1905
J. W. Balderston 1904 1907
J. M. Dickey (Clinton Hill Church) 1905 1906
L. F. Warner 1907 1909
William S. Phillips 1909 1912 (Death)
Eugene C. Makosky 1912  
Enoch Meacham <1910> <1910>
Irving C. Star <1915> <1915>
Paul E. Hollingshead <1920>  
Charles H. Sands <1930> <1935>
Benjamin M. Fernanders <1940> <1940>

Address From To
Library Hall (Market Street) June 20, 1859 1859
16, 18 Hill Street 1859 1906
226 - 230 Warren Street 1906 <1940>

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