St. Paul's/ Eighth/ Broad
Street Methodist Church

February 9, 1853 -



St. Paul's Church was organized on February 9, 1853 as the Broad Street Church. By January, 1853, the foundation walls of a church on Marshall Street were built. Services were begun on February 20, 1853 in Union Hall at 200 Market Street. On April 1st, the congregation moved to Insurance Hall at 189 Market Street. The new church was opened on December 29, 1853.

The cornerstone of the next church was laid on October 26, 1854 with the dedication on February 22, 1856. The cost of this church was $78,248. In 1865 the name was changed to St. Paul's and for 60 years it was one of the leading churches of Methodism in the Newark Conference. The original church had twin towers and was one of the most spectacular in the city.

On April 3, 1917 it merged with the Summerfield Methodist Episcopal Church. The church at 174 Grafton Ave. was dedicated in 1921. The Broad Street building was torn down in 1936. The new building was rededicated in 1955 upon the removal of church debt.

From: Social Services Directory of Newark 1912

Gives relief to its own poor who are members, also to nonmembers with whom it is brought in contact, in some cases. A Boys' Club and a men's Club are conducted under the auspices of the church.

From: Rider's Newark 1916

At 979 Broad Street, corner of Marshall Street, is the M. E. Church of St. Paul, organized 1853. The present edifice was erected the following year, at a cost of $78,000. It is a notable structure of brown stone, in the perpendicular Gothic type of architecture, having two mineret-towers upon its front.

The side door is usually open; it closed, the sexton may be found in the adjoining house to the west.

Back of the pulpit, in the space between the organs, is a mural painting of the Nativity, by Will H. Low. He also designed the ten side windows, consisting of three angels each, varying in attitude and attributes, and carrying out a general uniformity of conception (executed by Heinigke and Bowen). In the Broad St. facade is a spacious window (20 by 30 feet), representing "St. Paul Preaching at Athens." The window was designed by Walter Crane and executed by J. and R. Lamb.

Reverends Addresses LDS FHC
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Reverend From To
Chauncey Shaffer February, 1853 April, 1853
W. B. Corbit 1853 1853
Henry Cox 1854 1855
D. D. Love 1856 1857
R. S. Arndt 1858 1859
Newton Heston 1860 1860
J. Hanlon 1861 1861
M. E. Ellison 1862 1863
R. L. Dashiell 1864 1866
Robert Meredith 1867 1869
O. H. Tiffany 1870 1872
C. N. Sims 1873 1875
A. D. Vail 1876 1878
Henry Baker 1879 1881
S. L. Baldwin 1882 1882
Jacob Todd 1883 1885
J. Richards Boyle 1886 1887
Charles W. Parsons 1888 1891
Henry Baker 1892 1896
Jonathan M. Meeker 1897 1897
Timothy P. Frost 1898 1903
Lincoln A. Ferris 1904 1906
William C. O'Donnell 1907 1910
George P. Dougherty 1911 <1920>
Bergman H. McCoy <1925> <1930>
Archibald N. Smith <1935> <1935>
Herbert JC. Lytle <1940> <1940>

Address From To
431 Broad Street 1856 1869
977 - 981 Broad Street 1870 <1920>
179 Grafton Avenue corner Mt. Prospect Avenue <1925> <1940>

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Records are located at Drew University.
25th Anniversary, 1878
10th Anniversary (new building) 1930
Directory, 1938