Montgomery Street Methodist Church

November 19, 1893 - <1915>



The Montgomery Street Methodist Church was organized on November 19, 1893.

From: Social Services Directory of Newark 1912

Gives relief to its own poor who are members; also to those with whom it comes in contact, who are nonmembers. A Women's Foreign Missionary Society is maintained by the church; also Mission Study Class, Monthly Epworth League Socials, occasional social gatherings by Ladies' Aid, and Home Department of Sunday School are conducted. The church is used for services only, of which there are twelve weekly.

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Reverend From To
L. C. Mueller 1892 1896
C. E. Scudder 1896 1896
R. K. Boyd 1897 1898
R. F. Hays 1897 1898
Dorr F. Diefendorf 1898 1899
Paul F. Allen 1900 1900
Chester J. Hoyt 1901 1907
Arthur Lucas 1908 1910
Samuel K. Doolittle 1911 <1915>

Address From To
Montgomery Street corner Barclay Street <1910> <1915>

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