Third / Clinton Street Methodist Church

1842 - 1880



The Third Methodist Church was organized in 1842 at 3 Clinton Ave. In 1880 the congregation was dissolved and the church was soon after occupied by the Young Men's Christian Association. The presiding elder at the conference of 1880 stated that the church had been closed with tears, but that all debts had been paid. He went on to say that placing two Methodist churches so near together (Central Methodist) was a mistake.

In 1903 the YMCA moved to Halsey Street and the church was demolished. The Union Building was built on the site. The records of the Clinton Street Church are believed to have been burned in a great fire in 1900 which consumed the Snyder store where the records were being kept.

Reverends Addresses LDS FHC
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Reverend From To
William Roberts 1842 1843
Francis A. Morrell 1844 1845
J. B. Wakely 1846 1847
J. D. Blain 1848 1849
W. P. Corbit 1850 1850
L. D. Barrows 1851 1851
S. Y. Monroe 1852 1853
W. Kenney 1854 1854
Alexander L. Brice 1855 1855
M. E. Elison 1856 1857
J. K. Burr 1858 1859
N. Van Sant 1860 1861
W. P. Corbitt 1862 1863
Robert B. Yard 1864 1865
Samuel B. Rooney 1867 1868
Richard Van Horne 1869 1871
G. F. Dickinson 1872 1872
J. A. Monroe 1873 1874
J. M. Wheeler 1875 1876
George W. Smith 1877 1878
F. A. Mason 1879 1880

Address From To
3, 11 Clinton Street 1842 1882

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Archive Information (Last Known location)

The records are believed to have been destroyed by fire in 1900.

Records are located at Drew University.
Affidavit concerning loss of records, 1907