Few Smith Memorial Presbyterian Church

November 19, 1891 - <1920>



The Few Smith Memorial Presbyterian Church was organized on November 19, 1891 from a mission of the Second Presbyterian Church. The original Church building was on Jay Street, right behind the site of the second church building at 36 Hudson Street.

From: Social Services Directory of Newark 1912

The church gives relief to its own poor who are members, and sometime to nonmembers. Pastor is responsible for visiting of the poor.

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Reverend From To
I. Heyer Polhemus December 11, 1891 July 18, 1894
George H. Bonsall October 18, 1894 November 8, 1898
John J. Bridges February 19, 1903 October 3, 1906
Edgar Mason May 15, 1907 February 6, 1912
George B. Broening November 14, 1913 <1920>

Address From To
36 Hudson Street n. Orange Street 1893 <1920>

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