Park Presbyterian Church
(Fifth Presbyterian Church)

April 2, 1848 - after 1941



The Park Presbyterian Church was organized on April 2, 1848 at Library Hall on Market Street. The first reverend was Ansel D. Eddy who was later dismissed from the first church. He was installed on June 1, 1848. Two years later an edifice was erected on West Park Street near Broad Street. Rev. Eddy resigned in 1855 with the church struggling with debt, disappointment and prejudice. In 1872 the building was abandoned.

After a remodeling the building became Park Theatre and then in 1887 it was remodeled again by the Newark Library Association for a library. The Free Public Library occupied the building from 1889 until 1901 when the library on Washington Street was opened. This building later became the home of the New Jersey Historical Society before the Society moved to its present location.

After the church was sold to the theatre, land was purchased at the corner of Belleville Avenue and Kearny Street for a new church.

October 6, 1874 saw the dedication of the new church. Seeing that this church was too small for the members, the chapel was demolished and a larger church was built and dedicated on April 20, 1885.

From: Social Services Directory of Newark 1912

Church gives material aid to its own poor who are members and to nonmembers with whom it is brought in contact in the course of church work. Park Chapel is maintained by the Park Church, also in part the Bloomfield Avenue Mission.

Reverends Addresses Archive


Reverend From To
Ansel D. Eddy 1848 1855
Henry A. Rowland October 29, 1855 September 1859 (Death)
James G. Hamner November, 1860 June, 1861 (resigned)
Albert Mandell June, 1861 October, 1862
Joel Parker May, 1863 August, 1868 (ill-health)
Prentiss de Veuve October 12, 1868 March 13, 1879 (called to Dayton, Ohio)
Clement French October 16, 1879 February 14, 1899 (Death)
A. Edwin Kelgwin March 26, 1900 February 1, 1905
John McDowell May 18, 1905 1915
Charles Lee Reynolds 1916 1928
Albert Gordon 1922 1922
Truman A. Kilborne 1930 1935
Wilfred P. Riggs 1936 1941

Address From To
Library Hall - 115 Market Street 1848 1850
8, 14, 16 Park Church Place (West Park) 1851 1872
347 Broad Street (store) 1873 1873
208 Belleville Ave. corner Kearny Street 1874 after 1941

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