Memorial Presbyterian Church

April 20, 1881 - <1940>



The Memorial Presbyterian Church was organized on April 20, 1881 from a mission that was opened by Robert J. Baldwin and his brother, Rev. Lucius H. Baldwin (1877). Services were originally held in the abandoned St. Paul's Lutheran Church on South Tenth Street. The first church was dedicated on February 9, 1879 with subsequent alterations and enlargements.

From: Social Services Directory of Newark 1912

The church gives relief to its own poor who are members, and to nonmembers when it can do so. Men's Brotherhood or Young Men's Glee Club and several Boy's Clubs are conducted under the auspices of the church.

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Reverend From To
Lucius H. Baldwin 1877 1880
Charles A. Brewster April 27, 1882 April 4, 1883
Albert F. Lyle November 14, 1883 December 9, 1885
Ford C. Ottman May 12, 1883 December 15, 1902
Joseph Hamilton October 6, 1903 April 3, 1907
Andrew S. Zimmerman December 11, 1907 <1925>
Orion C. Hopper Jr. <1930> <1940>

Address From To
316 South Orange Avenue 1882 <1940>

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FAMILY HISTORY LIBRARY CATALOG: Fiftieth anniversary, golden jubilee, Memorial Presbyterian Church : South Orange Avenue, at South Seventh Street, New Jersey