Roseville Avenue Presbyterian Church

36/44 Roseville Ave
Newark, NJ 07107

April 9, 1854 - after 1957



The Roseville Avenue Presbyterian Church was organized on April 9, 1854 with approximately 20 members. During the summer of 1852 a Sunday School was organized in a house standing on the northeast corner of Orange and Seventh Streets. Aaron Peck donated the land for the site of the church and the Sunday School moved to this site. In 1867 a new stone church was built and it was enlarged in 1875.

From: Social Services Directory of Newark 1912

Church gives relief to its own poor who are members, and to nonmembers with whom it is brought in contact in the course of church work. The West Presbyterian Church, though now independent, is still financially and otherwise aided by the mother church.

Reverends Addresses Archive


Reverend From To
J. F. Pingry April 27, 1854 August 30, 1860
Charles T. Haley October 31, 1860 March 13, 1903 (Death)
William Y. Chapman June 14, 1905 1924
Walter L. Whallon 1925 after 1957

Address From To
36/44 Roseville Ave. 1855 after 1957

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