Third German / Wolff Memorial Presbyterian Church

106 Ann St
Newark, NJ 07105

March 30, 1863 - Present



The Third German Presbyterian Church was organized on March 30, 1863. The original church was on the corner of Madison and Ferry Streets. During the pastorate of Rev Oscar Kraft three-fourths of the congregation left the Presbyterian denomination and formed St. Stephen's Evangelical Church, on the corner of Ferry Street and Wilson Avenue.

The next pastor, Rev Julius H. Wolff began his pastorate with only 60 members. Rev. Wolff was a member of the first graduating class (1874) of the German Theological Seminary (now Bloomfield College). The church moved in 1882 to the corner of Ann Street and Wilson Avenue. A Sunday School building was added in 1891 and enlarged in 1895.

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Reverend From To
George C. Seibert 1863 1872
Oscar H. Kraft October, 1872 March 17, 1874
Julius Wolff June 9, 1875 1918 (Death)
Charles T. Hock <1920> <1920>
Bruno M. Becker <1925> <1925>
J. K. Karl Stadelmann <1930> <1935>

Address From To
Ferry Street 1863 1869
85 Madison Street c. Ferry Street 1870 1889
106 Ann Street c. Hamburg Place 1890 Present

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FAMILY HISTORY LIBRARY CATALOG: 75th anniversary, the Wolff Memorial Presbyterian Church, Wilson Avenue and Ann Street, Newark, N.J.