Third Presbyterian Church
Third Presbyterian North Church
Third Presbyterian South Church

395 Ridge St
Newark, NJ 07104

June 8, 1824 - after 1940



The Third Presbyterian church was formed in 1824 when members of the First Presbyterian church argued over who was to be pastor. The members of the congregation who were opposed to Rev. William T. Hamilton, split and built the Third Presbyterian church at 382 1/2 Broad Street (911 Broad Street, post 1869 numbers) near Lincoln Park. The foundation stones for this church came from the never completed Presbyterian Church on the southern side of Lincoln Park. The church was dedicated on February 24, 1825.

A vote was taken in 1912 to abandon the church as a place of worship in June, 1914. The organization was to continue by forming a collegiate system to embrace several invited churches. The cornerstone of this new church at the corner of Abington Avenue and Ridge Street was laid on June 15, 1913. The Clinton Avenue Presbyterian Church agreed, in 1912, to join this system. The name of the new church would be the Third Church, South. The new church was completed in June, 1913. In 1914, the old church was officially abandoned and in 1916, it was razed and stores were erected.

From: Social Services Directory of Newark 1912

Church gives material aid to its own poor who are members, and to nonmembers to a limited extent. The following organizations are conducted under the auspices of the church: Woman's Home Missionary Society, Woman's Foreign Missionary Society, Young Woman's Missionary Society, Willing Hand Circle, King's Daughters, Ladies' Sewing Society, The Men's Club, The King's Messengers.

Reverends Addresses LDS FHC
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Reverend From To
Joshua T. Russell July 13, 1825 June 22, 1829
Baxter Dickinson November 17, 1829 November 17, 1835
Selah B. Treat March 22, 1836 January 24, 1840
Horatio N. Brinsmade September 23, 1841 October 9, 1853
Elijah Richardson Craven October 30, 1854 June 27, 1887
Nelson B. Hollifield April 26, 1888 October 18, 1900 (Death)
Joseph F. Folsom (South) 1914 1915
Robert Scott Inglis October 9, 1901 1936
Edward A. Mohns 1937 1939/40
E. Clay Frye unknown unknown

Address From To
382 1/2 Broad Street (pre 1869 numbers) 1824 1869
911 Broad Street (post 1869 numbers) 1870 1914
Abington Avenue c. (395) Ridge Street 1914 after 1940
Clinton Avenue c. S. 16th Street (South Church) 1914 1915

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FAMILY HISTORY LIBRARY CATALOG: Third Presbyterian Church, Newark, New Jersey, 1883 : directory of officers, services, collections, societies and meetings together with a list of subjects for Tuesday evening prayer meetings