St. Michael's
Roman Catholic Church

172 Broadway 07104
Phone: (973) 484-7100, Fax: (973) 482-7209

1878 - Present



St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church was organized in 1878 by the Rev. Patrick Leonard. The cornerstone of the church was laid June 16, 1878 with the dedication being held in January, 1879. A school and convent were erected in 1881. A chime of bells was hung in the church tower in 1886 and on October 7, 1887 the church was declared free of debt. A new school and convent were erected in 1893 and in 1902 the church interior was redecorated. Renovations were done again in 1913.

When first established St. Michael's parish extended to the lines separating Newark from Belleville and Bloomfield townships. In 1890, a section, now the parish of the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, was taken from its territory and, in 1901, another section was detached to become the parish of Our Lady of Good Counsel.

Reverends Addresses LDS FHC
Microfilm #'s


Reverend From To
Patrick Leonard 1878 November 26, 1892 (Death)
Joseph H. Hill 1880 1884
F. Stack 1885 1886
F. J. Dolan 1887 1889
C. H. Mackle 1890 1894
I. N. Quinn 1890 1891
Denis J. McCartie 1892 1913
J. F. Keenahan 1895 1896
A. H. Stein 1897 1899
John Walsh 1900 <1910>
Felix M. O'Neill July, 1913 <1945>

Address From To
172 - 180 Belleville Ave. 1879 Present
23 Crittenden St. (same address)    

LDS FHC Microfilm #'s

Information Starting Year Ending Year LDS Microfilm #
Baptisms 1913 1923 1378394
Marriages 1879 1913 1378394
Marriages 1913 1926 1378394

Archive Information (Last Known location)

NOTE: Original microfilm is at the church. The marriages are mostly in Latin. The first book of marriages has an overlapping and there are duplicates. Includes individual indexes for marriage records. These are indexed by the groom in the second volume and the first volume has an index only to the Latin portion.