St. Patrick's
Roman Catholic Cathedral

91 Washington Street 07102
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1846 - Present


Postcard from Rich Olohan

The idea for St. Patrick's church was born in 1848 by Father Moran of St. John's. Father Moran was more than just the leader of St. John's church. He had a hand in all aspects of building and running a church. He was an architect, builder and superintendent. He was born in Ireland, came to America in 1827 and ordained in 1832 and was a leader in the Temperance movement.

The land for St. Patrick's church, on the corner of Central Ave. and Washington St. was bought secretly and Father Moran served as the architect. The church was dedicated on March 17, 1850 by Bishop John Hughes of New York. The finished church was of brick Gothic structure and held 2,000 members. In 1853, the Diocese of Newark was formed with St. Patrick's as its cathedral. The parish schools were founded in 1859.

From: Rider's Newark 1916

St. Patrick's is an unpretentious Gothic structure of painted brick, and externally quite uninteresting. The interior, formerly adorned with a number of inferior mural paintings, has been recently redecorated in a somewhat ornate, but not unpleasing, color scheme of conventional traceries.

To the left of the main entrance is a Memorial Tablet (erected 1912) to John D. Gilmary Shea, "an eminent historian of the Roman Catholic Church i America"

The new cathedral, which is to be called not, St. Patrick's, but the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, in course if erection on the heights east of the southern end of Branch Brook Park, has been at a standstill for some fifteen years, and although work has been recently resumed, it will probably not be completed for several years longer.


Reverends Addresses LDS FHC
Microfilm #'s


Reverend From To
D. Senez 1851 1854
Allaire 1855 1856
James Roosevelt Bayley (Bishop) 1857 1873
George H. Doane 1865 aft 1900
Winand Wigger    Photo 1869 1870
Charles Reilly 1869 1872
P. F. H. Kivilitz 1870 1871
P. S. Dagnault 1872 1874
H. P. Fleming 1873 1874
A. M. Steets 1873 1874
M. A. Corrigan 1874 1877
John J. O'Connor 1875 1878
T. J. Toomey    Photo     Grave Site      Obit 1     Obit 2    Obit 3 1875 1877
I. A. O'Grady 1875 1877
Joseph Borghese 1877 1879
Joseph M. Flynn 1878 1883
John A. Sheppard 1878 1883
Michael J. Brennen 1879 1881
Hugh B. Ward 1880 1881
John F. Duffy 1882 1884
William H. Wahl 1882 1884
M. J. White 1884 1888
T. J. Kernan 1885 1889
T. A. Wallace 1885 1894
J. J. Smith 1889 1894
P. J. Carew 1890 1897
M. J. Kelly 1895 1896
J. F. McCarthy 1895 <1900>
W. T. McLaughlin 1897 1897
J. M. McCormick 1898 1899
J. J. Gately 1900 <1900>
W. J. Richmond 1900 <1900>
Isaac P Whelan ~1905 <1915>
F. P. McHugh <1920> <1920>
Edward Quirk <1925> <1930>
John G. Delany <1935> <1940>

Address From To
47 Washington Street 1850 1856
73 - 97 Washington Street (same location, street number change) 1857 Present

LDS FHC Microfilm #'s

Information Starting Year Ending Year LDS Microfilm #
Confirmations 1873 1921 1398553
Baptisms (Original) 1859 1861 1398554
Marriages (Original) 1860 1861 1398554

Archive Information (Last Known location)

NOTE: Microfilm originals are at the church. There is a search fee of $20.00. The confirmations are in Latin The original records books of baptisms and marriages on roll 1398554 are all in Latin.