Clinton Avenue Reformed Church

May, 1868 - 1926 (merged)



The Clinton Avenue Reformed Church was organized in May, 1868 by members of the First Reformed Church. During February 1868, a Sunday School was opened at 16 West Kinney Street and during March the sum of $63,000 was subscribed for a building. The Halsey Street church was dedicated on April 10, 1872 after a cornerstone laying in June, 1870. The cost of the church was $200,000 and seats 1,300. The church merged with the First Reformed Church in 1926.

Newspaper Articles:

May 29, 1893 - 25th Anniversary

From: Social Services Directory of Newark 1912

Church gives material aid to its own poor who are members, and to nonmembers with whom it is brought in contact, in the course of church work. Boy's Club, Girl's Club, and Men's Club are conducted under the auspices of the church. Recreation rooms open every evening. Church open daily (except Monday), from 1:45 to 2:30.

Reverends Addresses LDS FHC
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Reverend From To
William J. R. Taylor 1869 1890
Daniel H. Martin 1890 1908
Albertus T. Broek October 14, 1908 1922
Phillip H. Clifford 1922 1926

Address From To
Clinton Ave. c. Church Street 1870 1874
25 Clinton Ave. c. Halsey Street (same location, street name change) 1875 1926

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Celebration of the fortieth anniversary, the Clinton Avenue Reformed Church : Daniel Hoffman Martin, minister, 1868-1908, February 23 to March 1, 1908, Lincoln Park, Newark, New Jersey

Clinton Avenue Reformed Church, Newark, New Jersey : fiftieth anniversary services, April 14th to April 21st, 1918

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