First Reformed Church/ First Hispanic Reformed Church

September 26, 1833 - <1984>



The First Reformed Church was organized on September 26, 1833 in response to a petition drawn up on August 25, 1833 requesting the Classis of Bergen to form the church. Original meetings with Rev Ransford Wells engaged as a missionary were held in Presbyterian Churches and for a time above the Market Building at the corner of Market and Halsey Streets. Later this land was home to an opera house. Property was secured on the corner of Market and Beaver Streets. The cornerstone was laid on July 8, 1834 and the dedication was on May 6, 1835. The original brick front was replaced by a Romanesque facade in brownstone in 1857. In 1893 the church moved to Clinton and Johnson Avenues. Today this church is known as the First Hispanic Reformed Church.

From: Social Services Directory of Newark 1912

Church gives material aid to its own poor, who are members, and to nonmembers with whom it is brought in contact, in the course of church work. Pastor is responsible for visiting in connection with church work.

Reverends Addresses LDS FHC
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Reverend From To
Ransford Wells 1833 September, 1842
James R. Scott April 18, 1843 May 10, 1858
Edward P. Terhune 1859 1876
Thomas (William) H. Gleason 1877 1886
Marcus C. Easton 1886 1889
Carlos Martyn 1890 1892
Timothy J. Lee 1893 1905
Stuart Nye Hutchinson 1906 1910
O. M. Trousdale March 15, 1911 1924
Arthur Lincoln 1924 1926
Philip H. Clifford 1926 1929
Lawrence H. French 1930 1931
Oliver M. Fletcher 1932 1938
Robert B. Cunningham 1940 1943
William P. Green 1949 1953
William T. Iverson 1957 1964
Kenneth P. Rivera 1968 1976
Gabriel Gonzalez 1984  

Address From To
65,67 Market Street 1833 1835
165, 169 1/2 Market Street 1835 1870
211 Market Street (same location, street number change) 1871 1893
Clinton & Johnson Avenues 1893  

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Historical Directory of the Reformed Church in America
by Russell L. Gasero