New York Avenue (Second) Reformed Church

May 23, 1848 - 1940 (Merged)



The New York Avenue Reformed Church, formerly the Second Reformed Church was organized on May 23, 1848 by members of the First Reformed Church. The first meetings were held in a small chapel on McWhorter Street, near Ferry Street, and were conducted by Rev. George R. Williamson. The cornerstone of the church at the corner of Ferry and McWhorter Streets was laid on September 25, 1848, with the dedication being held on May 8, 1849. In 1857 an addition for a Sunday School was built. The church building was sold to Our Lady of Mr. Carmel Roman Catholic Church in 1889. The congregation moved to a new chapel on Pacific Street in 1888 and the cornerstone was laid on October 6, 1891. The dedication was held on December 5, 1892. The debt of the new church was paid off by Christmas Day in 1895. Merged with North Reformed Church in 1940

From: Social Services Directory of Newark 1912

Church gives material aid to its own poor who are members, and in exceptional cases to nonmembers. Missions are maintained by the church both in Newark and in East Newark; also a visiting nurse. A variety of industrial classes, clubs for men and boys, a Young Women's Guild, and many other kinds of work are conducted under the auspices of the church.

Reverends Addresses LDS FHC
Microfilm #'s


Reverend From To
George R. Williamson May 23, 1848 1849
Rutgers Van Brunt 1849 1849
Gustave Abeel 1850 1864
Matthew B. Riddle 1865 1869
Cornelius Brett 1871 1873
Francis V. Van Vranken 1874 1882
John A. Davis 1884 1890
Andrew J. Sullivan 1891 1891
John S. Allen 1895 1906
Aike Peter Tulp 1907 1908
Edwin Emerson Davis 1910 1917
George H. Donovan 1918 1923
George C. Hock 1924 1929
Theodore H. Thielpape 1930 1932
Alfred B. Wangman 1934 1935

Address From To
111 McWhorter 1848 1849
26 East Mechanic (same address) 1850 1852
35 Ferry Street (McWhorter Square) (same address) 1853 1888
36 Pacific c. New York Avenue 1889 after 1935

LDS FHC Microfilm #'s

Information Starting Year Ending Year LDS Microfilm #
Church Register 1911 1934 1927823

Archive Information (Last Known location)

Baptisms, 1911-1934; Marriages, 1918-1934; Deaths, 1918-1932; Members, 1870-1932; Consistory minutes, 1849-1940. - RCA Archives

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