Second (West) Reformed Church

1866 - 1966



The West Reformed Church was organized in 1866. In 1877 the church was erected. The church disbanded in 1966.

Reverends Addresses LDS FHC
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Reverend From To
John Wenisch 1867 1874
Frederick Kern 1876 1882
Carl Girtanner 1882 1918
Herbert G. Coenen 1919 1922
Frederick Steinmann 1925 1966

Address From To
31 Blum Street <1866> <1966>

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Archive Information (Last Known location)

Russell L. Gasero Archivist
Reformed Church Archives
21 Seminary Place
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Further information on this church can be found in:

Historical Directory of the Reformed Church in America
by Russell L. Gasero