First Universalist - The Church of the Redeemer (Union) Church

1834 - 1943/51



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The First Universalist Church began operations on Fair Street in 1834. Universalists held the belief that all mankind would be saved because of the loving kindness of God, the nobility of man and the joy of religious life. Needless to say, this put them at odds with the rest of the church community who believed that only a select few would enter Heaven. At first there was only a handful of church members. The first 18 years of worship were at 16 Clinton Street, in a building gotten from the Free Presbyterian Church. A division occurred in the church in 1852 leading to the Second Universalist Church. The First Universalist Church moved to Library Hall while the Second Universalist held services in what was known as The Insurance Building. In 1858 the First Universalist Church moved to a building on Fair Street where a freight yard now stands. On February 3, 1862 both churches combined into one congregation. The Halsey Street church of the Second Universalist was sold to St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church. The cornerstone of the Broad Street church was laid on April 9, 1872 with the dedication taking place on March 26, 1873.

From: Social Services Directory of Newark 1912

Church is in the habit of giving material aid to its own poor who are members, and to nonmembers at times, if approved by the Bureau of Charities. The pastor is responsible for the visiting in connection with the work. Educational, economic, and often civic lectures are conducted on Sunday evening, under the auspices of the church.

Newark Sunday Call October 8, 1882

It is said of couples whom Rev. Mr. Snow, of the Church of the Redeemer, marries, that they are "Snow-bound".

Reverends Addresses Archive


Reverend From To
L. C. Marvin 1837 1838
Leferver 1838 1839
B. B. Hallock 1839 1840
Raynor 1843 1844
James Gallaghar 1845 1850
O. W. Wight 1851 1853
Asher Moore 1853 1856
A. St. John Chambre 1856 1862
C. W. Biddle 1862 1863
A. G. Laurie 1863 1866
William E. Gibbs 1866 1870
Sumner Ellis 1870 1872
John Bartholomew 1872 1874
J. E. Forrester 1874 1879
J. C. Snow 1880 1883
W. S. Crowe 1884 1908
G. E. McIlwaine 1897 1898
Henry R. Rose 1898 1928
L. Hamilton Garner 1929 1939/40
Roger F. Etz 1940/41 1943/51

Address From To
Fair Street 1834 1836
16 Clinton Ave. 1836 1851
Library Hall 1852 1857
29 Fair Street 1858 1869
41 Fair Street (same location as above) 1870 1873
935 - 937 Broad Street 1873 1943/51

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