The first Episcopal Church was organized in 1733


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The second religious denomination to come to Newark were the Episcopals (The Church of England). The founding of the first church (Trinity) was brought about by an incident involving the First Presbyterian Church. After many days of rain, Colonel Joshiah Ogden harvested his wheat on a Sunday in order to save it from ruin. The Presbyterian Church, of which he was a highly respected member, disciplined him for this offence. This disciplining led Colonel Ogden to seek other religious ties. The Episcopal church had been holding services in Newark for several years before this incident. The man who held these services was The Reverend Edward Vaughan who was an Episcopalian missionary for the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, which was headquartered in Elizabeth. By October 6, 1731 the Reverend had baptized over 600 people in the area (Newark, Orange, Elizabeth and Whippany).

The split between the Presbyterians and the Episcopalians deeply divided Newark for over 40 years.

From: Social Services Directory of Newark 1912

Social Service Commission, Diocese of Newark - Established by a resolution of the Annual Convention of the Diocese, May, 1910. Consists of six members - three clergymen and three laymen, appointed by the Bishop. Its business is to take under consideration all the matters pertaining to the social duty of the church and report on the same at the Annual Convention. It is empowered to appear in endorsement of, or in opposition to, proposed legislation and to lend its co-operation to public movements in the interest of righteousness.

Name before
1860s 1870s 1880s 1890s 1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s existed
Christ's Episcopal (Third) 1847                 1957
Emmanuel Episcopal (Reformed)     1875             1941
Grace Episcopal (Second) 1837                 1957
House of Prayer Episcopal (Fouth) 1847                 1957
Rutherfurd Memorial Episcopal     1873 1884            
St. Alban's Episcopal         1893         1943
St. Andrew's Episcopal           1906       1957
St. Barnabas Episcopal (Sixth) 1852                 1957
St. George's Episcopal           1907   1929    
St. James Episcopal       1888           1957
St. John's Episcopal   1867               1957
St. Mark's Episcopal #1       1880-1889            
St. Mark's Episcopal #2             1911     1957
St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal             1914     1957
St. Matthew's Episcopal (German #1) 1848             1923    
St. Matthew's Episcopal (German #2) 1857 1865                
St. Paul's Mission     1875-1879              
St. Paul's Episcopal (Fifth) 1852                 1957
St. Peter's Episcopal (German #3) 1856 - 1857                  
St. Philip's Episcopal 1848                 1964
St. Stephen's Episcopal   1867               1943
St. Thomas Episcopal         1892         1957
Trinity Episcopal (First) 1733                 1957
Trinity Chapel (St. James Episcopal)       1885-1889            
United Christian Holiness                 1930 1934


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