Monastery of St. Dominic

13th Avenue between 9th & 10th Streets



Newspaper Articles:

January 28, 1906 - Priory for the Dominican Fathers is Rapidly Nearing Completion

The Monastery of St. Dominic is a massive three-story structure built of Newark brownstone.

It was the first cloistered monastery of the nuns of this order built in the United States and was established in 1880 by Archbishop Corrigan. It was planned by Jeremiah O'Rourke, after the old convents of Europe. It occupies a quadrangle 150 feet square and encloses a central court 66 feet square, surrounded by a cloister 9 feet wide. In the centre of the court, as in all Dominican monasteries, there is a well, 60 feet. deep. This is the strictest order in the United States.