St. John's
Roman Catholic Church

22 Mulberry Street 07102
Phone: (973) 623-0822
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November 13, 1826 - after 1957


History of St. John's Church by Paul V. Flynn 1908

St. John's church was the first Roman Catholic Church to be built in Newark. Its origin provides an interesting story. At the time (1820) Catholics were not welcome in the area. The building of the Morris canal, along with the newly opening factories, brought many Irish workers to Newark.

After holding services in private homes they decided, in 1826, to build a church. The following homes held these meetings: Charles Durning, Martin Rowan, Christopher O'Rourke, John Shelock, Jean Vache and Anseim Fromeget. A lot at 14 Mulberry Street was purchased. The foundation was laid and the church funds ran out. At this time the First Episcopal (Trinity) church allowed the builders to use their church for a lecture by a Catholic clergyman from St. Peter's Church in New York City. This "fundraiser" put $300.00 in the coffers of the builders. Unfortunately the building treasurer ran off with the money, putting the parish back in the red. This turn of events made the church members willing to underwrite the building costs.

The church was finished in 1828 but the building debt almost forced the sale of the church. At the last minute the Propagation of the Faith in France contributed 22,960 francs to pay the debt. By 1848, under the guidance of Father Patrick Moran, the church was enlarged three times. In 1842, Father Moran had the entire congregation take a pledge of abstinence from alcohol.

From: Rider's Newark 1916

It is a brown stone Gothic structure, with heavy buttresses and a square tower. In the stained glass windows various saints are represented. The high altar in the sanctuary is surmounted by a large crucifix and contains figures of the Madonna and St. John.


A letter to the editor of the Newark Daily Advertiser February 11, 1853 from Father Moran on the Madiai Controversy.

A letter to the editor of the Newark Daily Advertiser February 14, 1853 from Father Moran Correcting Misstatements of Catholic Discipline

Reverends Addresses LDS FHC
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Reverend From To
Gregory B. Pardow (founder) 1828 1832
Matthew Herard October 17, 1832 October 13, 1833
P Rafferty October, 1833 November, 1833
Patrick Moran November 3, 1833 July 25, 1866
James Moran November, 1866 November, 1867
Louis Schneider November, 1867 November, 1868
Thomas M. Killeen November, 1868 1877
Patrick Leonard 1877 1878
Gerard Funche 1878 1878
Joseph Rusing 1879 1879
George W. Corrigan 1880 1881
Louis Gambosville 1878 1892
J. P. Poels February 27, 1892 1914
Michael P. Corcoran 1915 1924
William Griffin 1925 1926
J. C. McClary 1927 1929
David F. Kelly 1930 after 1957
F. Ferrall 1839 1840
M. Kerwan 1869 1869
I. D. Murphy 1882 1883
J. A. Dooley 1895 1899
Joseph P. McCormick 1900 1901

Address From To
10 - 26 Mulberry Street 1828 after 1957

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Baptisms 1932 1973 1398540
Marriages 1932 1983 1398540

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