Emanuel Baptist Church

1894 - <1940>



The Emmanuel Baptist Church was organized in 1894. Its first pastor, H. G. Mason, died while in office. The church building was completed in 1895.

Newspaper Articles

November 7, 1909 - Will Build a New Baptist Church in Northern Section of the City


Reverends Addresses LDS FHC
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Reverend From To
H. G. Mason 1894 1895
W. G. Thomas 1896 1898
E. O. Wilson 1899 <1920>
Frank P. Stoddard <1925> <1930>
Donald J. MacKay <1930> <1935>

Address From To
Verona Ave. n. Mt. Prospect Ave. 1895 1911
208 Montclair Ave. 1912 after 1957

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Archive Information (Last Known location)

Records of Baptisms, Members and Deaths (in Church Minutes), 4 vols in the custody of the Church Clerk.