Fifth/Fourth Baptist Church

March 26, 1855 - 1928



The Fourth Baptist Church was organized on March 26, 1855 in the South Baptist Church. The first services were held in a hall on Union Street On September 15, 1856 the cornerstone for the church building was laid with the dedication held on April 21, 1858. In 1869 the name was changed to the Fifth Baptist Church.

From: Social Services Directory of Newark 1912

Gives relief to its own destitute members; the giving of relief to nonmembers is attended to by one of the church organizations. Helps to support missions through the Home Mission Society. Has Men's League and Young Ladies' "Evergreen" Society.

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Reverend From To
D. T. Morrill 1855 April, 1869
David C. Hughes June, 1869 1874
George A. Simonson May, 1874 April, 1882
H. B. Warring January, 1883 February, 1891
C. E. Lapp 1891 February, 1895
T. A. Hughes May, 1895 1896
C. C. Luther 1898 1898
Charles F. Stanley February, 1899 November 1907
Samuel A. Perrine May, 1909 <1910>
Clifford Littell LaDue <1915> <1915>

Address From To
Union Street (meeting hall) 1855 1857
58 Lafayette Street April 21, 1858 1860
110 South Prospect St., c. Lafayette St. (same as above, numbering change) 1861 1928

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