Mount Zion (Afro-American ) Baptist Church

April 7, 1878 - PRESENT



The Mount Zion Baptist Church was organized on April 7, 1878, with reception into the Baptist Association on November 5, 1879. The first pastor was Rev. William Hill who was known as Brother Hill. In 1896 he removed from the church with a group of followers and founded the Galilee Church, which is now called the Hill Memorial Church.

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June 9, 1893 - It Was May's Pigeon

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Reverend From To
William Hill 1879 1896
W. W. C. Walker 1896 1903
John R. Brown 1904 <1930>
James H. Burks <1935> <1940>

Address From To
West Kinney Street 1879 1886
190 Thomas Street n. Herman Street 1887 Present

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Records of Baptisms, Members, and Deaths from 1878 in the custody of the Church Clerk.