Roseville Baptist Church

October 18, 1871-after 1957



The Roseville Baptist Church was organized on October 18, 1871. A Sunday School had been opened June 5, 1870 at Orange Street and Roseville Avenue, where preaching services were also held. The mission was locked out of its headquarters on March 26, 1871 and the Roseville Presbyterian Church allowed the use of its building for the Baptist services. On October 22, 1871 the lecture room of the church was opened and in 1913 the church was enlarged.

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Reverend From To
George E. Horr October 18, 1871 October 31, 1877
J. Emery Gault December 3, 1877 December 31, 1881
A. J. Steelman January 27, 1882 1887
C. M. Brink 1888 1891
Albert Foster July 1, 1892 <1915>
Clifford L. LaDuc <1920> <1920>
Clarence F. Bleakney <1925> <1940>

Address From To
Warren c. Gould Ave. 1873 1929
568 West Market Street 1930 after 1957

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Archive Information (Last Known location)

Church Records from about 1871 of Baptisms, Marriages, Members, and Deaths (in Church Minutes) are in the possession of the Church Clerk