South Baptist Church

February 13, 1850-after 1951



The South Baptist Church was organized on February 13, 1850 on Kinney Street by 37 members of the First Baptist Church. The First First Baptist Church erected the South Baptist Church building which opened on July 1, 1850. The church aided in local mission work through the Newark Baptist City Mission. A pipe organ was introduced to the church in 1859.

From: Newark Daily Advertiser, Saturday Evening, October 19, 1850

"Rev. Dr. Hague will deliver two lectures on successive Sabbath evenings in the South Baptist Church, Kinney Street, on the Domestic Relations. The first on the 'Duties of Parents to their Children', will be delivered tomorrow evening at 7½ o'clock."

From: Social Services Directory of Newark 1912

Gives relief to members. Helps foreign, home, State, and local missionary work. Young People's Baptist Union, and organizations for young men and young women. Church open by appointment for religious work or meetings.

Reverends Addresses LDS FHC
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Reverend From To
William Hague February 1850 November 2, 1853
D. T. Morrill November 2, 1853 March 12, 1854
O. S. Stearns March 12, 1854 August 29, 1855
J. L. Hodge October 3, 1855 November 8, 1857
J. H. Walden Unknown Unknown
E. M. Levy October 1, 1858 1869
John Dowling 1869 1872
George A. Peltz 1872 1876
Charles Y. Swan 1876 August, 1880 (Death)
Thomas E. Vassar November 1, 1880 1888
J. B. English 1888 1889
R. M. Luther 1890 August, 1899
W. G. Fermall January 1, 1900 1908
Clark T. Brownell 1910 <1915>
Albert Foster <1915> <1915>
R. V. Taylor <1925> <1930>
Laban H. Chamberlin <1930> <1940>

Address From To
42 Kinney Street 1851 1855
17-21 East Kinney Street (same location as above) 1856 after 1951

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Archive Information (Last Known location)

Church Registers from about 1850 are in the possession of the Church Clerk.