Christ's/Third Episcopal Church

1847-after 1957


Christ Church was started before 1849 as a free mission at the corner of Lafayette and Union Streets. The first reverend was Robert T. L. Lowell. In 1849 the site at Congress and Prospect Streets was purchased. The church was organized and incorporated on February 1, 1850. The next day, construction begun on the church building. Remodeling to the church began in 1873 and ended in 1881 with a dedication ceremony.

June 23, 1907 - The Vested Choir of Christ Episcopal Church

From: Social Services Directory of Newark 1912

Give relief to its own destitute members and in instances to nonmembers. Helps conduct a mission for colored people.

Reverends Addresses LDS FHC
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Reverend From To
Robert T. S. Lowell 1849 1859
J. N. Stansbury 1859 1892
W. H. C. Lylburn 1893 1899
J. O. Ferris 1900 1904
Edwin S. Lines (Bishop) January, 1904 Unknown
David N. Kirby February, 1904 May, 1906
Charles F. Jackson November, 1906 June, 1907
Almon A. Jaynes July 1907 September 1, 1910
Frank H. Hallock 1910 <1915>
Howard W. Germand <1918> <1918>
Louis W. Pitt <1920> <1920>
William O. Leslie <1925> <1930>
J. Frederick Hamblin <1935> <1935>
Roy E. DePriest <1940> <1940>

Address From To
96 Union Street 1847 1851
25 N. Prospect Street, 76 Prospect Street (81,85 Congress Street) 1851 after 1957

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