Grace/Second Episcopal Church

950 Broad St.
Newark, New Jersey 07101

1837 - Present


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October 8, 1882 - A Pretty Scene in Broad Street
May 16, 1886 - Grace Church Bell is Cracked

From a manuscript sketch by Miss Emma Victoria Gordon:

"The parish of Grace Church was organized in the month of May, 1837, was incorporated on the 24th day of the same month, under the general act, by names of the Rector, Wardens and Vestrymen of Grace Church in Newark, and admitted to the 'Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of New Jersey' on the 32 day of that month. The first officers were Messr. Luke Reed and Charles M. King as wardens, Messrs. Joel W. Condit, Thomas D. James, J. C. Garthwaite, E. E. Boudinot, Horatio Holden, John H. Stephens, William Johnson, Henry Evans, Daniel Condit and William Stevens as vestrymen."

"The first services of the church were held in a room in the building which used to stand a number of feet from Mechanic Street in Broad Street, and nearly on the same ground where now stands the Globe building. From that room, on the first Sunday in April, 1838, they removed to a small white building with pillars in front and containing sixty-two pews and an organ gallery. The building stood on Clinton Street, opposite Beaver Street, until 1896 and was owned and erected by another denomination. The first church building of Grace parish was erected of wood, on Market Street, opposite Beaver, December 23, 1838 and took eighty-two days to build. The cornerstone of the present building at Broad and Walnut Streets was laid on the 17th day of May, 1847, was finished and consecrated the 5th of October, 1848, by the Right Rev. Bishop Doane. The church is built of brown freestone in the early English style of the thirteenth century, after the plans and designs furnished by Richard Upjohn, and will seat 700 worshipers. The total cost of the church, with everything about it (except the ground) was $34,758.99. The first organ was built by Hall & Labaugh at a cost of $2,557.27."

From: Social Services Directory of Newark 1912

Gives relief to its own destitute members and in instances to nonmembers. Has social and religious guilds for both girls and boys. Church open from 7 AM to 8 PM daily and throughout the year.

Reverends Addresses Archive


Reverend From To
Dr. George Thomas Chapman 1837 1841
Anthony Ten Broeck June 30, 1841 July 10 1845
John Lee Watson May 22, 1846 November 22, 1853
William H. N. Stewart January 20, 1854 September 23, 1856
Philander Kinney Cady March 30, 1857 November 15, 1860
John Sebastian Bach Hodges November 12, 1860 1870
Robert E. Dennison 1871 1873
William H. Harrison 1874 1879
Wynant Vanderpool 1879 1879
George Martin Christian January 1, 1880 March 1, 1899
Charles Carroll Edmunds 1899 1906
Elliot White September 16, 1906 September 1913
Charles Lewis Gomph 1913 1949
Hebert S. Brown 1950 1970
Grahame G. Butler-Nixon 1971 1977
George H. Bowen 1977 1994
J. Carr Holland 1995 ?
J. Brent Bates ? Present

Address From To
16 Clinton Street 1839 1839
162 Market Street 1840 1847
409 Broad Street 1848 1869
950, 956 Broad Street (same location as above, street number change) 1870 Present

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