St. Matthew's German #1 Episcopal Church

May 31, 1848 - 1923



St. Matthew's German Episcopal Church was organized on May 31, 1848 by the Reverend Julius D. Rose, Ph. D. of Elizabeth, formerly of the Lutheran Church. Services were held in various places until Grace Church abandoned its original site on Market Street in 1848 and allowed St. Matthew's use of the church. During the Civil War, Dr. Rose became chaplain of the Seventh New Jersey Regiment where he was wounded and honorably discharged. He returned to the church but resigned in 1865 because of bad health. In 1872 the church moved to West Kinney and Charlton Streets where it stayed until July 1, 1890 when the church building was sold to the Hungarian Presbyterian Church. St. Matthew's then bought six lots at the corner of Avon and Chadwick Avenues where it built a new church which opened on May 19, 1907. In 1913 St. Matthew's services were conducted as a part of Grace Church.

From: Social Services Directory of Newark 1912

Gives relief to its own destitute members and in instances to nonmembers. Is assisting a man in his studies for the priesthood. Conducts boys' and mens' clubs. Church is open also during week days.

Reverends Addresses Archive


Reverend From To
Julius D. Rose May 31, 1848 1865
no listing 1872 1877
M. Albert 1878 1878
C. F. W. Treptow 1879 1883
J. Ungar 1884 1886
Johannes Rockstroh 1887 1891
Anton Lechner 1892 1892
Gustavus W. Mayer 1895 1902
August Ullman 1902 1907
S. Raymond Brinckerhoff 1907 1911
Elliot White December 29, 1911 1915
E. N. Curry 1911 1915
Byron C. Curtiss 1916 1916
J. O. Ferris 1917 1917
R. K. Grimson 1919/20 1920/21
W. O. Leslie Jr. 1921/22 1923

Address From To
166, 210 Market Street (street number change) 1848 1871
W. Kinney c. Charlton St. <1877> 1906
Avon & Chadwick Aves. 1906 1923

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