St. Barnabas/Sixth Episcopal Church

505 Market St.
Newark, New Jersey 07105

September 12, 1852 - after 1957



St. Barnabas' Church began its existence when the first service was held in a dwelling-house on September 1, 1852. The following year the church was fully organized. The person who was chiefly instrumental in establishing the parish was William Dusenberry, a layman. The Sunday School was organized on October 9, 1852. The first church building, which burned in 1862, was made of wood. It was officially opened in 1855. The church was next built of stone and opened on St. Barnabas' Day in 1864. The rectory was built in 1869 and the parish house in 1889. The church complex was in the triangle formed by Warren Street, Sussex and Roseville Avenues.

From: Social Services Directory of Newark 1912

Gives relief to its own destitute members and in instances to nonmembers.

Reverends Addresses Archive


Reverend From To
G. N. Sleight 1855 1856
William A. Leech 1856 1858
W. Stirling 1858 1859
E. S. Watson 1860 1863
William J. Lynd 1863 1867
Robert McMurdy 1868 1869
William G. Farrington 1870 1873
George F. Flichter 1873 1883
Stephen H. Granberry 1884 1915
Henry V. B. Darlington 1916 1923
Walter T. Hayward 1925 1926
Marshall F. Montgomery 1925 1936
Harry Bruce 1937 after 1957

Address From To
Roseville, Sussex Aves and Warren Street 1855  
505 West Market St. (same location as above)   after 1957

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