St. Philip's Episcopal Church

1848-after 1964



St. Philip's Church (Colored) was started in 1848. The first services were held in the second story of a schoolhouse at the corner of Halsey and New Streets. Reverend James Tyng, principal of the Newark Academy, was the minister in charge. Most of the people in attendance were communicants at Old Trinity. Soon after the organization of the church it received from Senator William Wright, a member of Old Trinity, the gift of two lots on High Street, near New Street. A small brick edifice was built under the direction of Reverend Joshua Smith. In 1896 the building was enlarged. The church was destroyed by fire on December 20, 1964. The congregation merged with Trinity Episcopal Church in 1966.

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Reverend From To
James Tying 1848 Unknown
David M. Toelker Unknown Unknown
Henry Sherman Unknown Unknown
Joshua Smith 1856 1866
William H. Rees 1867 1869
Thomas J. Danner 1870 1872
W. T. Webbe 1873 1883
J. B. Massiah Unknown Unknown
Thomas G. Harper 1887 1887
Reeve Hobbie 1890 1903
B. Wellington Paxton 1903 1911
Robert D. Brown 1912 <1920>
Louis H. Berry <1935> <1935>

Address From To
72 Mulberry Street, c. Market 1848 1850
291 Broad Street 1851 1854
429 High Street 1855 1869
336, 436 High Street (same location, street number change) 1870 1964

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