Dashiel Methodist Church

New York Avenue c. Ann Street

1883 - 1907

Seventh Day Adventists
(Brazilian) Current church occupying the building.



The Dashiel Methodist Church was organized in 1883. In 1907 it combined with the South Market Street Church to form Grace Church. The church building is currently being used by the Brazilian Second Day Adventists.

Reverends Addresses LDS FHC
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Reverend From To
J. A. Kingsbury 1883 1883
J. H. Robertson 1884 1886
John I. Morrow 1887 1888
P. C Bascom 1889 1890
W. E. Palmer 1891 1894
W. C. Kinsey 1895 1899
D. D. Eaton 1900 1902
J. H. E. Schultz 1903 1904
L. G. Gunn 1905 1905
H. C. Lytle 1906 1907

Address From To
63 Houston Street 1884 1888
New York Avenue c. Ann Street 1889 1907

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Archive Information (Last Known location)

Records are located at Drew University.
Membership Records, Minutes, Church Newspaper
Brief History, 1884