Grace Methodist Church

1907 - <1940>



The Grace Methodist Church was organized in 1907 from the Dashiel Memorial and the South Market Street Churches. The South Market Street Church sold its property and the funds were used to enlarge the Dashiel Church, which was then given the name of Grace Methodist Church. The dedication of this new church occurred on September 27, 1908.

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Reverend From To
Herbert C. Lytle 1907 1908
Robert A. Brown 1909 1910
Abram W. Willever 1911 1912
Nathaniel Brooks 1913 <1915>
William H. Evans <1918> <1918>
George C. Magill <1920> <1920>
George A. Hill <1925> <1925>
Frank S. Mead <1930> <1930>
George C. Magill <1935> <1935>
Arthur Lewis <1940> <1940>

Address From To
336 New York Ave. & Ann Street 1907 <1940>

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Records of Baptisms, Marriages, Members, and Deaths are in the possession of the church.