Archive information is available on the Individual Church History pages. Some information may be outdated with an incorrect location because the church has closed but at least you will know that the records existed and have probably been moved to the church that the congregation moved to or the local/national archives for that denomination. Please remember that if there is no archive information this doesn't mean that records don't exist, just that I haven't located them yet.

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Chronological listing of the first church in each religion.
(Please remember that missionaries from the various religious groups were active prior to the organization of the first church)

1667 Presbyterian Church (1st Presbyterian Church was originally known as a Congregational Church)
1733 Episcopal Church
1801 Baptist Church
1808 Methodist Church
1824 Roman Catholic
1833 Reformed Dutch
1833 Lutheran Church
1834 Congregational Church
1834 Universalist
1848 Jewish Synagogue
1864 Spiritualists
1869 Second Adventist
1874 Unitarian
1906 Byzantine Catholic Church